Order Now for Vintage Moissanite Engagement Rings! These Rings Are a Beautiful Choice for Any Occasion. Moissanite Shines Just Like a Diamond but Costs Less. Choosing Vintage Also Means Picking Something Unique With a Touch of History. Enjoy the Elegance and Charm of a Vintage Moissanite Ring.


Shop the Best at CaratBee: Vintage Moissanite Engagement Rings

We at CaratBee are proud to present, among many others, the finest collection of vintage moissanite engagement rings. We focus on acquiring only rare and unique vintage style pieces, which will make our collection not only a reflection, but also an epitome of all that is charming and sophisticated. High quality moissanite stones are used in every ring, which emit as much light as actual diamonds.

You should opt for our vintage moissanite engagement rings, which offer something unique that combines the classic beauty of vintage styling with the brilliance of using moissanite gemstone. Shop with us today for a ring that will speak of eternal love forever.

Click to Buy: Vintage Halo Engagement Rings!

In the event that you want a ring that screams grace and elegance, look no further than our vintage halo engagement rings. Halo settings where it has become fashionable with a central diamond encircled by other smaller ones make it a beautiful sight.

Vintage halo engagement rings are readily available at CaratBee, where the center stone is well enhanced by the decorative elements from ancient times. Buy now our vintage moissanite engagement rings and state your fashion credentials with a ring which mixes timelessness with an edge.

Explore now our collection of Vintage Engagement Rings.

Shop the Latest: Oval Vintage Engagement Rings

The current trend for vintage engagement rings is oval, and we have the coolest pieces in store for you at Carat Bee. This shape is considered ancient and popular among most engaged parties simply because it elongates the finger in addition to amplifying luster.

In our collection of vintage oval engagement rings there can be found an array of finely detailed elements as well as graceful patterns fitting to the spirit of vintage fashion. Celebrate your love story with our vintage moissanite engagement rings and shop for the latest fashion!

Buy Today: Vintage Princess Cut Engagement Rings!

We have an amazing collection of antique princess cut diamond engagement rings for people who love royalty and the classic beauty of princess cut stones. One of the most favored options by brides-to-be is the princess cut, which is notorious for its superb brightness and contemporary appearance.

We have chosen some well-known princess cut vintage rings with filigree or millgrain detail at CaratBee. Don’t delay buying it today and speak out with a ring that mixes the most important things in moissanite vintage engagement rings and modern fashion.

Explore now our collection of Princess Cut Engagement Rings.

Shop New Arrivals: Vintage Cushion Cut Engagement Rings!

The sophisticated artwork blends a mix of vintage styles with modern touches in our vintage cushion cut engagement rings. We have a wide range of styles and settings for our new arrivals; therefore, you can choose a ring that will represent your feelings towards your partner. 

Vintage cushion cut diamonds used in solitaire settings are available for the woman who adores delicacy, whereas one looking for more elaborateness will find the halo style very attractive. Take a look at it and appreciate this wonderful and romantic jewel.

Explore now our collection of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings.

Get Yours: Vintage Marquise Engagement Rings!

Treat yourself with the timeless flair of art deco era vintage marquise engagement rings to reflect your true affection. We have different marquise cut diamond shapes that will look great in any set up for the discerning customer.

The vintage marquise engagement rings have an elegant and elongated silhouette which makes them seem sophisticated or trendy over time. We have vintage marquise engagement rings that could be kept simple with solitaire-style center stone or can come in very elaborate halos to make statements. Discover moissanite vintage engagement rings that express your distinctive character and are perfect for your special relationship.

Explore now our collection of Marquise Diamond Rings.

Grab Yours: Emerald Cut Vintage Engagement Ring!

Take it a step higher by engaging in the charisma of the emerald cut vintage engagement ring. The antique style rings use old diamond cutting methods while still having a modern look. One would think of step cut facets and simple but elegant rectangular shape when mentioning an emerging cut diamond in respect to its outlook.

The choice of emerald cut engagement rings is very large, and each jewel can reflect the taste of the future owner and the history of his love. Do not fail to get yourself a small portion of everlasting style.

Explore Now: Vintage Asscher Cut Diamond Ring!

Our range of vintage Asscher cut diamond rings will take you back in time to an era of quaintness and refinement. Asscher cut diamond ring appeal mixed with today’s sophistication is provided by the distinct square shape and step-cut facets. The finely hand-crafted rings feature the splendor of the asscher cut stone.

Whatever your preference is, between classic solitaires with old asscher cuts or more modern halos, there are options for everyone among our vintage asscher cut diamond ring collection. It is time you started the exploration of these everlasting beauties.

Get Started: Vintage 3 Stone Engagement Rings!

Embark on an everlasting journey with a classic three stone engagement ring. The seductive rings represent the previous, existing, and foreseeable stages of our love story, one for each chapter. If you are a lover of old vintage beautiful stone rings, we have different styles and settings for you, so you can pick up that special ring that reflects your one-of-a-kind love story.

Our vintage 3 stone engagement rings will leave an indelible mark in your memory—whether your tastes run towards traditional tri-lobed styles or something more modern. Start the hunt for your forever heart-symbolized symbol today.

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